clue, n.

2. a. A ball of thread, employed to guide any one in ‘threading’ his way into or out of a labyrinth or maze; hence, in many more or less figurative applications, a fact, circumstance, or principle which, being taken hold of and followed up, leads through a maze, perplexity, difficulty, intricate investigation, etc.

Clue is a tool to help you when you're stuck on a crossword (or similar word puzzle).

How does it work?

Enter the letters you have, using blanks for the letters you don't know.

e.g. c_t would find cat, cot, cut etc.

Tip: we will convert anything that isn't a letter into a blank for you. Spaces work well (and are easy on phone keyboards).

Exclude letters

Words containing any of the letters you specify here will be excluded from search results.

Clue requires a modern web browser. Please direct questions or feedback to Henry.